Investment foundations

Regulation in law
Investment foundations are foundations within the meaning of Art. 53g para.1 of the Federal Act on Occupational Old Age, Survivors' and Invalidity Pension Provision (BVG/LPP; SR 831.40) and Art. 80 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code (ZGB/CC; SR 201). These institutions are established specifically to serve occupational pension plans, and qualify as legal entities that are entered in the commercial register of their place of domicile.

The legal provisions that govern investment foundations are set out in Art. 53g – Art. 53k BVG/LPP. In accordance with Art. 53k BVG/LPP, the Federal Council issues implementing provisions in respect of:

a. eligible investors;
b. the establishment and utilisation of endowment capital;
c. foundation, organisation and dissolution;
d. investing, bookkeeping, accounting and auditing;
e. the rights of the investors.

To this end, the Federal Council issued the Ordinance on Investment Foundations (ASV/OFP; SR 831.403.2), which lays down the legal requirements in concrete form.

Investment foundations operate under the supervision of the Occupational Pension Supervisory Commission OPSC (Art. 64a para. 2 BVG/LPP).

Eligible investors
Those eligible to invest in an investment foundation are:

a. pension funds and other tax-exempt institutions domiciled in Switzerland whose purpose is to provide occupational benefits; and
b. persons who manage collective investment schemes of the institutions referred to under section a. above, are supervised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA and exclusively invest funds for these institutions with the foundation.

Foreign investors may not invest in investment foundations either directly or indirectly.

Asset / investment groups
An investment foundation’s total assets comprise its endowment capital and the assets available for investment (Art. 53i para. 1 BVG/LPP).

The investment groups are managed as separate accounting entities and are economically independent of each other (Art. 53i para. 2 BVG/LPP). In the event of the investment foundation’s bankruptcy, the property and rights belonging to an investment group are segregated in favour of that group’s investors (Art. 53i para. 4 BVG/LPP).

Each investment group is liable exclusively for its own obligations (Art. 53j para. 2 BVG/LPP). Investors’ liability in respect of other obligations is excluded (Art. 53j para. 3 BVG/LPP).

By law, the investment foundation acts in its own name but for the account of the respective investor group.

Only businesses licensed as a government supervised audit company by the Federal Audit Oversight Authority may act as auditors (Art. 9 ASV/OFP).

Sector association
Some investment foundations are grouped together in the sector association “Konferenz der Geschäftsführer von Anlagestiftungen (KGAST)” (

A list of investment foundations currently supervised by the OPSC can be found below:

Anlagestiftungen UID-Register
1291 Die Schweizer Anlagestiftung CHE-230.322.751
AFIAA Anlagestiftung für Immobilienanlagen im Ausland CHE‑112.037.482
Akriba Immobilien Anlagestiftung CHE-114.000.892
Allianz Suisse Anlagestiftung CHE-109.979.768
Anlagestiftung der Migros-Pensionskasse CHE-238.945.329
Anlagestiftung Fenaco Landi CHE-112.753.443
Anlagestiftung Pensimo für Personalvorsorge-Einrichtungen CHE-104.331.896
Anlagestiftung Swiss Life CHE-109.469.349
Anlagestiftung Testina für internationale Immobilienanlagen CHE-112.506.790
Anlagestiftung VALYOU CHE-326.811.444
Anlagestiftung Winterthur für Personalvorsorge (AWi) CHE-110.182.966
ASAA Anlagestiftung Schweizer Ärztinnen und Ärzte CHE-352.862.482
Assetimmo Immobilien-Anlagestiftung CHE-104.157.374
Aurora Investment Foundation CHE-174.447.245
Avadis Anlagestiftung CHE-109.646.433
Avadis Anlagestiftung 2 CHE-114.529.738
avenirplus Anlagestiftung CHE‑110.263.234
AXA Anlagestiftung CHE-380.550.119
AXA Occupational Pension Investment Foundation CHE-215.986.719
Baloise investment foundation for pension funds CHE-109.521.323
Constivita Immobilien Anlagestiftung in Liquidation CHE-114.572.071
Credit Suisse Anlagestiftung CHE-109.418.754
Credit Suisse Anlagestiftung 2. Säule CHE-112.953.634
DUFOUR Investment Foundation CHE‑131.511.857
Ecoreal Schweizerische Immobilien Anlagestiftung CHE-114.684.770
Empira Anlagestiftung CHE-342.172.192
Equitim Investment Foundation CHE-135.909.414
Fondation Arc-en-Ciel CHE-100.677.427
Fondation de placement Losinger Marazzi CHE-327.468.053
Fundamenta Group Investment Foundation CHE-133.415.466
Greenbrix Anlagestiftung CHE-329.949.257
Helvetica Life Investment Foundation CHE-302.669.167
Helvetia Anlagestiftung CHE-110.191.037
HIG Immobilien Anlage Stiftung CHE-101.354.783
Immobilien-Anlagestiftung Adimora CHE-115.452.877
Immobilien-Anlagestiftung Turidomus CHE-109.983.439
IST Investmentstiftung CHE-100.955.715
IST2 Investmentstiftung CHE-113.664.635
IST3 Investmentstiftung CHE-432.693.461
J. Safra Sarasin Anlagestiftung CHE-109.506.140
J. Safra Sarasin Anlagestiftung 2 CHE-226.326.349
Liberty Anlagestiftung CHE-241.246.404
Lithos Fondation de placement immobilier CHE‑109.979.478
Patrimonium Anlagestiftung CHE‑115.158.366
Prevalis Anlagestiftung CHE-314.965.448
Prisma Fondation suisse d'investissement CHE‑110.441.257
Profond Anlagestiftung CHE‑220.857.186
Realstone Anlagestiftung CHE-298.415.779
REMNEX Anlagestiftung CHE‑327.484.201
Renaissance PME fondation suisse de placement CHE‑109.534.260
Rimmobas Anlagestiftung CHE‑420.391.964
SFP Anlagestiftung CHE‑490.509.159
Sihl Investment Foundation for Alternative Investments CHE‑114.626.815
Seraina Investment Foundation CHE‑234.365.593
Swisscanto Anlagestiftung CHE‑107.853.547
Swisscanto Anlagestiftung Avant CHE‑112.966.186
Swiss Capital Anlagestiftung I CHE‑186.316.012
Swiss Prime Anlagestiftung CHE‑374.175.355
Tellco Anlagestiftung CHE‑112.671.868
Terra Helvetica Anlagestiftung CHE-333.869.288
UBS Investment Foundation 1 CHE-109.824.344
UBS Investment Foundation 2 CHE‑112.784.521
UBS Investment Foundation 3 CHE‑113.698.798
UTILITA Anlagestiftung für gemeinnützige Immobilien CHE‑275.280.422
Vertina Investment Foundation CHE-136.189.467
VZ Anlagestiftung CHE‑116.215.334
VZ Anlagestiftung 2 CHE‑110.272.109
Zürich Anlagestiftung CHE‑109.325.710

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